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Make sure your site is visible

There are so many pitfalls that websites fall foul of, and these can have a huge impact on whether people are finding your site or not.

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Complete the form below by telling us your website URL. We'll run the crawl using our high-tech application and send you a detailed analysis report when it's ready.

What to expect?

We categorise the report into 6 primary buckets of analysis

Visibility Issues

Visibility issues refer to problems that affect how Google crawls your site, so this includes the total number of server errors, 404’s, redirect issues, robots.txt issues, or malware issues.

Meta Issues

This is a key part in how your site is found by search engines. For example: Is there duplicate page titles, are you missing meta descriptions, do you have a page title that is too long or too short?

Content Issues

The content on your website is important for bringing in traffic, selling your products and services, and converting sales. This will identify duplicate content or low word count.

Link Issues

External and internal links are vital to your site’s SEO. This will identify the total number of broken links, missing anchor or ALT text and the use of rel="nofollow" across your website.

Image Issues

Images remain the most occurring problem for websites found in our audits. In this section, we can identify the total number of title text issues, broken images, and alt text issues.

Semantic Issues

Semantic Issues are more important than ever for 2019 SEO. This part of the website auditor identifies header issues and schema issues (micro data). Stay organised with these rules.

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